What is
Misfit U?

Misfit University is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Your Misfit acts as your acceptance to Misfit U, granting you access to exclusive university clubs, discord channels, and Misfit-only perks.


Campus & Community

The internet is our campus! We're rockstars, hackers, artists, collectors, and so on – we're all Misfits here and there is sure to be a Misfit just for U. Join Misfit U!



Misfits will all be available to mint at .08 ETH, and are first come first serve. No bonding curves. But, once supplies run out this university may be one of the toughest to get in to.



The Misfits are stored as ERC-721 tokens within our smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted on IPFS.


Exclusive Clubs

Each Misfit is automatically part of a club on campus, as shown in their background. Clubs have owner-exclusive discord channels to meet other Misfits, participate in club events, and more.

University Perks

Provably-Rare Art

Each Misfit is a provably rare token secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. There are only 10,000 meaning you're part of an exclusive group that capped.

Community & Clubs

The Misfit U community is full of incredible people from all walks of life. We're all Misfits – who know who you might meet just by joining Misfit University or your Club!

Roadmap Unlocks

By owning a Misfit you are entitled to member benefits in our roadmap unlocks including merch, airdropped detention Misfits, and more!

Rarity & Variety

Misfits come in all shapes and sizes.

Each is programmatically generated from 15 core types, 8 club backgrounds, and over 130 possible traits including headwear, expressions, clothing, and more! Every Misfit is unique, some are just more rare than others!

l8r boi

Misfit Rarity Example:

Human Female
Theatre Club
Skateboard Helmet
Misfit Eyes
Varsity Jacket

This is strictly an example – not actual rarity numbers*

Misfit University Community

Misfit Clubs

Each Misfit is automatically part of a university club that unlocks special perks. Each club starts with an owner-exclusive discord channel to meet other Misfits. In the future, clubs will also be able to compete in community-wide events like The Misfit Club Olympics and The Campus Meme War!

Athletic Club

Misfit U's Jocks & Waterboys

Chess Club

Misfit U's Most Strategic

Hippies Club

Misfit U's Medicinal Crowd

Frat Club

Misfit U's Party Animals

Theatre Club

Misfit U's Most Dramatic

Library Club

Misfit U's Bookworms

Science Club

Misfit U's Mad Scientists

Art Club

Misfit U's Artsy Folk

There is a club for everyone!

Misfits on Campus Lyfe!

What our Misfits are saying about their University:

"Love it here! Super chill vibe"

"They have big lawns for hacky sack. Not bad."

"Yeh it's whatever dude *lights joint*"

"I'm stuck in detention, please help"

Provably-Rare Art

Each Misfit is a provably-rare token secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each was generated using a unique hash string for ultimate provenance.

Community & Clubs

The Misfit U community is full of incredible people from all walks of life. We're all Misfits here – who knows who you might meet just by joining Misfit University!

Roadmap Unlocks

By owning a Misfit you are entitled to Misfit benefits in our roadmap unlocks, like detention Misfits, a pizza party, and more!


As more people are accepted to Misfit University, the whole community unlocks more benefits and fun events! Each stage activates something for the community. Once each milestone is hit the Misfit U Staff will start working to make it happen.

10% Sold
Misfits in Detention are Released

10 of the most badass Misfits were stuck in detention and not released initially – they will be transferred randomly to current Misfit owners!

20% Sold
Pizza Party!

Sending pizza out all over the campus – 50 Misfits will be getting real life pizza sent to them at the same time during our Misfit U pizza party!

40% Sold
Misfit Merch Store!

We'll open up our merch store for Misfit Merch, with things like mugs, hoodies, and other fun memorabilia!

60% Sold
Campus Meme War!

Fight for ultimate club supremacy in our campus meme war! The most-liked Misfit meme within 48 hours will receive 3 ETH as a reward.

80% Sold
Club President Elections!

Each club nominates members of the community to become their Club President. Those nominees are voted on and the 8 winners (1 per club) will receive the Club President distinction and a 1-of-1 commemorative physical club-specific item.

100% Sold
Misfit Yearbook!

80 physical yearbooks will be sent to 80 different Misfit holders! The yearbook commemorates the project with misfits.

Student Standouts

St✰r Misfits

Meet some star Misfits – those students that standout on campus! These rotate often and you may even see yours here.

Game day!

The Biggest Fan

Goes to every Misfit U game, even the away games.

The Bookworm

Rumor has it they have read every book at MU's library, upside-down.
Chem test (F-)

The Chem Failure

Apparently they got a 12% on their Chem midterm...?

Misfits F.A.Q.

We're here to answer any questions you have about Misfit U! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is Misfit University?

Misfit University is a collection of 10,000 NFT's. Each is a unique digital collectible stored on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token. All are part of our own smart contract. Your Misfit doubles as your acceptance letter to Misfit U, granting you access to the exclusive university clubs on discord, roadmap unlocks, and member-only perks. We're working daily to add new benefits to Misfit U.

What makes Misfits special?

We're all Misfits here! Having an avatar to show off all over our campus (the internet) is only the beginning. Along with being one of the only projects with diverse representation, the Misfit University Clubs create baked in mini-communities that will be utilized in community events, roadmap unlocks, and more!

As is now the standard, our project is programmatically generated – created from 15 Misfit types, 8 clubs, and over 130 possible traits of varying rarity, there is sure to be a Misfit for U!

How do I buy a Misfit? What am I buying?

Misfits will be available for sale via our website on Thursday, Jun 24th at roughly 6PM EST. Each will be .08 ETH (in WEI) and will be minted under your name as an added benefit. Once all are minted, you can always buy a Misfit on the secondary market via OpenSea.

By purchasing a Misfit, you are getting a provably rare piece of art that does not only serve as an avatar across our campus (the internet) but grants you access to University and club-specific benefits. You are also granted a personal and commercial license to artwork of the Misfit you purchased. For more info on licenses check our Terms & Conditions

How are you dropping?

On Thursday, Jun 24th at roughly 6PM EST, our site will go live with a buy section enabling you to purchase 1 or more Misfits (maximum 20 per transaction). There are no bonding curves because they are scummy. They have been randomized so that everyone has a level chance to mint rare Misfits. Once purchased, they will be minted by you and almost instantly available in your wallet. This means they will also be visible on OpenSea to resell or purchase new ones that others have minted. 100 Misfits are being reserved for future club events, roadmap unlocks, and the creator team – these have been randomized as well.

How can I prepare for the drop?

You'll need the basics:
• An Ethereum wallet – we recommend MetaMask
• 0.08 ETH in your wallet, plus some extra ETH to fund transaction costs (gas). Gas is an ETH network fee, and we take none of it.
• Set a timer to be ready for the drop, and make sure to follow our Twitter for updates

We're doing everything possible to make sure this release goes as smoothly as possible. With that said, there will be many people trying to complete a transaction at the same time, meaning it is possible that your transaction may either fail or fall behind in the transaction queue as the ETH network favors transactions with a higher gas input.

How do I join a club once I buy a Misfit?

Your Misfit is linked to a University Club based on the background it has. Head over to our Discord and register your Misfit in the #📋registrar’s-office channel. Once verified, you'll be able to unlock you exclusive club channel and chat with other Misfits who are part of your club. You never know who you may run in to!

Any other questions? Reach out!

We're here to answer any questions you may have about Misfit University! Reach out on any of the following channels:

Twitter: @misfituni

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